Shimada Fisheries Oyster Hut

At Shimada fisheries oyster hut, we provide fresh oysters that we unload from the sea everyday.
Our oyster hut is a self grill style so that every customers can have a good time.
Order our "All-you-can-eat" and have oysters as much as you want in time.
For costumers who do not want a lot, we have other options such as oyster course and other handmade oyster meals.

Freshness and taste of the oyster

We have out hut in front of the ocean, where we get our nice and fresh, high quality flavored oysters.

Great cost performance.

It is possible to offer our costumers for this price because we can provide fresh oyster from our oyster farm. An one hour "All-you-can-eat" cost only 2,300Yen.

Great location for Hiroshima tourism.

We have the view of the Miyajima-island which have the heritage "Itsukushima-shrine". The location to our oyster hut from the ferry terminal by taxi is about 5min. By walking will only take about 10min.

Opening hours of our oyster hut

Phone number

※We do our best to answer the phone but on seasons the phone will be busy. We only take reservation for night time and for party groups. We appreciate our costumers understand.

Oyster Hut Menu

Acess to Shimada oyster hut

[ Address ]
 Miyajimaguchi Nishi 1-2-6, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima

Oyster Hut Rules

  • You will need working gloves. (Our place will lend one set of gloves per table.)
  • Our place allows you to bring your own drinks and seasonings. (No alcohol, Kitchen tools, and plastic container. We thank your cooperation.)

Rules and caution when grilling

  • When grilling the oyster, sometimes the shell suddenly pops.
  • The seawater in the oyster evaporates and when the shell does not open, it might as well pop too.
  • When the water in the oyster boil, it sometimes spout out. Careful with skin burn.

  • Leaving the open shell on top of the grill that may also pop.
  • When the oyster is grilled it is best to move from the grill and put into a plate or place the oyster on a lower temperature area.
  • Watch out for kids to not get there cute faces too close to the grill. No need to let the little ones to burn themselves.
  • There is also caution for the direction placing the oyster.
  • Best way to place is side ways. Point the opposite side of the hinge where nobody is around. The juice does not always spout out in one direction, but it seems that there is a high probability in the direction on the other side of the hinge.
  • Less injuries, more happiness.

There are more and other possibilities which may cause.
Watch out for your self and for other neighbors.
We thank our costumers for cooperation.

  • Saturdays, holidays, weekdays will have landing work so there maybe changes in the schedule for opening.
  • We take reservation only in night time and for big groups.

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