A tour on the ship.

A Oyster landing tour with the fishermen for the first time in Hiroshima!

Tour schedule

START November/2016 -END beginning of August/2017
Every Saturday am 7:00

Tour contents

  • Board the ship and going near the oyster farm raft.
  • Looking at how the landing work is done.
    When the oyster(that is grown on the suspended rope) comes out of the sea, it is really overwhelming!
  • Going close to the Itsukushima shrine by ship.
  • Back to Shimada fisheries and see the process how the oyster is dropped off.
  • Next is looking in the place where the fishery staff opens the oyster shell and getting ready to shipping it out and serving.
  • And the last is getting to eat "fishermen style oyster porridge".
    Of course the oyster that is used is from our oyster farm.


Tour fee

・Adult (Above the age of jr high school) : 3,000yen
・Child (High school and younger) : Free(Additional fees are required for foods and drinks)
No child allowed under elementary school.
It is for safety. We appreciate your understanding.

Time:7:00am (Be at the place at least 10min early)

Number of capacity

18 max (10 will be on one ship. 2 will be the driver.)
・Least number of people for the tour to start:6


Please reserve before the tour date.
*Please notice that we might cancel the tour by the weather and other understandable reasons. It is for safety. We appreciate your understanding.

Tour schedule


  • The ship and the pier is very slippery so ware casual outfit and comfortable shoes.
  • The ship will not have roof and cabin. Prepare warm clothes.
  • No washroom on the ship so please go before getting on board.
  • Please be at Shimada fisheries at least 10 minutes early. Anyone who is late will be cancelled for the tour.
  • There are possibilities that the tour will be cancelled by the weather and other circumstances.
  • We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


To people who would like to enjoy more oysters, the oyster hut is here for you!

Shimada fisheries does not only do tours. We also have a oyster hut. It is in the same place because we can provide fresh oysters quickly.

Opening hours of our oyster hut

Oyster Hut Menu


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